Open source theme to represent my love of nokia

Although Nokia is no where in the market now, but we still love Nokia. No matter what happens, Nokia proved itself as the best phone in the market.

and in this post I am trying to show my love of Nokia

And as a person who loves design Nokia Lumia was the best thing that happened to me, I was in love with the design that was presented in Lumia.

So here is my small work by which I just want to share my love with Nokia.

its nokia

The image in the Blog which you can see is an HTML template which you can Get Here.

So please download this template and use it for fun or make it more advance with features like app scrolling or anything else. I would love to hear if you want me to modify this template and want me to add new features into it. Please message me or share this post so that It can reach to more, NOKIA Lovers. 

If you are also a Nokia lover please feel free to add some comment show our love of Nokia to the world.